NYFW• Fall/WinteR ‘19

11 Honore

In this age of Aquarius and social awareness, “diversity” and the qualities surrounding, have become all too easy and exploit, staining the claim of being “ cool” and/or “in” amongst editors, designers and influencers in the offices and showrooms of the Fashionable pretentious and elite.

So when I showed up to Splashlight Studios on a warm Sunday in early February, vintage casually donning my 80’s wranglers and 4” boots, I was given a surprising taste of actual change fostered by the needed mission of 11 Honore.

The online platform founded by Patrick Herning, gives women whose size is too often placed before thier smile and place to relish and shine.

11 Honore is the first of its kind to sell and promote luxury and designer ready-to-wear pieces in sizes 10-24, from some of fashions most coveted houses. Zac Posen, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Brandon Maxwell and Derek Lam, to name a few.

casting board2
casting board1

It doesn’t take a fashion guru to understand what it means to the world and our social order to have strong, powerful and confident women over a size 00 on the runway. Every girl who entered our space, whether it be for a go-see, a casting or fitting wore the crown of courage and honor in representing a vast amount of women, who before 11 Honore never saw themselves or their body types on the racks or in the editorials of this multi-billion dollar industry.

As we prepped, pinned and positioned every woman to slay, special guest Laverne Cox came through to serve some serious female empowerment as an usher of social change.

Having a hand in the production and execution of the 11 Honore vision is MOVEMENT in fashion i am proud to have played a small part in.


As an uncle to 10 year old girl who dreams of being on the world stage, it is a comfort to know that audiences, at least in New York, have opened their minds and allowed their hearts to conceive the natural cadence of beauty and acceptance. One that mirrors the actualities of the human character and from, in all its facets of its being and beauty.