A series of short stories inspired and birthed by the travels of being young, gifted, Black & American.


Though The Looking Glass

After a year of pounding the concrete jungle I thought it necessary to relinquish the ties that bind and escape to a place I had had never been and always dreamed of. So, hours after walking in New York Fashion Week Mens-FW17 I hopped on a plane and jetted off to India. With an army duffle and a pocket full of inspiration I said au revoir to New York and Bonjour New Delhi! 

#1 Every Black Man In First Class was J.Cochran When I Was 12

I hate missing flights, I loathed the idea back when southwest handed out carbon copy style boarding passes with giant numbers and I despise the notion even more with the homeland security rape that exists today. So as my parents and I rushed to the airport to make a midday flight to Charles De Gaulle from SFO without the slightest forethought to midday San Francisco traffic on behalf of the parental units, I was irate-and also twelve.....

#2. The Best Soundtrack To The Louvre Is Aaliyah

I was not always a morning person. The thought of disturbing the cerebral wonders of rapid eye movement was a crime punishable by serious adolescent b***h face and erroneous anger. So when the warm air floated through the open window from  the Parisian corridor below it woke me up from jet lag with sweet disposition. I relished in the daydream made real....

#3. My First Kiss Was Under A Full Moon In Costa Rica