Within each season and every city are those who through their creative voice push the bounds of their craft forward. Whether models, designers, fine artists or from the depths of the literary world, the "ON TO THE NEXT" column, published by The Collective Magazine features those special persons who define the ideas of what is coming and what will ignite inspiration in future waves to come. 


Dent de Man, Look Book 


Designer, Alexis Temomanin (UK)

Essences of tribal heritage and bold blocking of color have become the consistency that which Dent de Man continues to stand. Designer Alexis Temomanin pulls the pageantry of African prints and the cut and vibe of London Town to bring menswear light.

Introduced to the market in 2013, Dent de Man has steadily gained momentum into conversation and consumption of many. Select pieces from Temomanin’s recent collection were recently used during the magnetic Beyoncé VMA ‘16 performance (during the song “Sorry”). One can expect quite a jump within the brands already existent global reach from the brand after it has been appointed by the Queen Bey.

INSTAGRAM: @dent_de_man WEBSITE: Dentdeman.com

" Barragan Collection ", SS17 Look Book

"Barragan Collection", SS17 Look Book


Designer, Daniel Silverstein (NYC)

The designers who set themselves apart have often been the ones who do not follow the basic suite. This past fashion week Daniel Silvertain previewed an in-season collection, for FW16. Keeping it direct in the eyes of the consumer market and changing it up.

His SS17 Collection deserves just as many cheers as what walked the runway during New York Fashion Week. Inspired by the architecture and creativity of Luis Barragan, Silvertain’s “ Barragan Collection” brings geometry, garden solace and clean metallics into frame.  The eye catching allure within the collection would have to be the “Vila” purse. A piece introduced this season in collaboration with Katie Lares. The functional and artistic execution of Silverstain's collection makes minimalistic flow and bold colors just as palatable as the works of Barragan himself.

INSTAGRAM@zerowastedaniel WEBSITE: danielsilverstain.com

"Nostalgia", SS'16 Look Book


Designer, Kris Kim (NYC)

A blanket of comfort and simplicity was expressed and left a lasting imprint in the Moderne SS’17 presentation held at La Garçonne Tribeca boutique. Designer Kris Kim drew from the pieces of her adolescent memories to form a solid collection of uniformity in the off center frame and combined material.

The collection entitled “Nostalgia” balances the ideas of strength and ease within the classic women’s wardrobe. Moderne fuses structural silhouettes with tailored lines in muted tones onto draped material to create a peaceful function and sovereignty to the Moderne woman

INSTAGRAM: @WilliamsonPr WEBSITE: Willismsonpr.com