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TRANSCRIBED FROM select JOURNAL ENTRIES, Tales from the list illustrates the JOURNEY of self DISCOVERY through sex, intimacy and relationships. 

We begin at the edge of 17. Follow as each chapter chronicles the many exploits, tender moments, weird nights and awkward mornings of learning what sex can be for the individual, how intimacy can teach you about the world around you, and what not to do when you're too young to ask questions. 

These are my Tales from The List. 


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To all the dreamers of the  in-between, the PRISMS of shards and SPARKS THAT IGNITE the mind to wonder in constant  "what if?" 

I dedicate this to you.

You, who bore your brains on the walls of childhoods in silent wale.

Who stayed up til the orange sun made the sky lavender and then kept going.

To you with little inhibition and  much. passion for life and all that dares to fall from it. 

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